Sunday, October 23, 2011


Sorry for the lack of updates... but I just say this in the local newspaper today.... (I removed last names....)

Woman suspected in murder missing

A man identified as Charles ___ was found dead in the home of a woman last night. She, along with a young girl she had been known to be caring for, have yet to be located.

When questioned about the incident, her ex-boyfriend stated that they had taken in a young girl who had slowly taken over the house. Sge became increasingly aggressive towards him and their son, to the point where they "fled for fear of their safety."

Charles was found dead in her home, having been stabbed with three knives. Charles had last been seen three months ago shortly after his daughter was kidnapped from their home. It is unknown how he got to her home, or what he was doing there.

Police are unable to provide a name of the young girl she was caring for, or Charles' daughter.

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