Sunday, October 30, 2011


So... uh... where to begin?

I went and talked to her ex about her vanishing. He was a massive dick and incredibly unhelpful... then he called the cops, saying I was one of the last people to see her.

So yeah, I got picked up by the cops.

Turns out they found the kid. That little girl she was taking care of. They can't get her to speak, might be from shock they said. And they still have no name....

And they stuck her with me! I have no idea why, but nothing I said or did was getting me out of there without the kid. Fucking cops.

Looking back at my last post about her, I don't know what I was seeing. She is actually kinda cute in a 'mute kid with a murderous mother' kind of way...


Anonymous said...

So she went from looking vaguely like her face was melting over her arm, to kind of cute?

Seems suspicious.

Atik said...

Meh, seen stranger.

Hmmm... I should probably considering getting my cable turned back on... give her something to watch.

Fuck I hate kids.